Does your business need more traffic?
I help local, online, and service based business succeed with Facebook Ads.
Does your business need more traffic?
I help local, online, and service based business succeed with Facebook Ads.
Hey there, my name is Taylor. I started using Facebook for marketing businesses back in 2007. Getting a real taste for using ads to drive revenue in 2010 for a high end Gym manufacture and MMA company. It wasn't easy, in fact, it was down right frustrating to learn.
Facebook ads sure have come a long way since 2010. It is widely considered to be the best advertising platform for the majority of businesses and entrepreneurs available today. With the amount of targeting options you can almost always get your content in front of the right person. But...we all know that's the easy part. How to get the RIGHT content in front of your audience and have it actually convert, that's the hard part.
Do most of your paid traffic campaigns feel a little bit like this?

Wind up for lift off so excited, but before you know it you're right back where you started minus the hard earned money you spent on the traffic.

If you had Facebook ads running that brought you enough leads to 10x your revenue what would you do? How would that change your life and your business for the better?

Converting cold traffic is where most entrepreneurs and businesses fail. Yet it is critical to adding new blood into your business. 
A friend of mine once came to me and said, Taylor, what can I do? I've been running Facebook ads for weeks but no matter what I do I can't get a single conversion! 

We have changed the copy, we have changed the images, but no one is signing up for our offer. I am ready to give up, what can I do?

Does this sound familiar? If you are continuing to struggle getting your ads setup it might be time to call in a professional. 
Facebook Ad Training
Ready to learn what works for Facebook ads?
Just getting started in your Facebook ad's journey? I am so excited for the opportunity to help you take a shorter path to succeeding on the best ad platform out there.
How much experience do you have with Facebook ads?
To make sure I provide you with the best information possible to help you along your journey to getting more leads and sales from Facebook ads tell me which best describes your experience with Facebook advertising.
Totally new to Facebook ads
You came to the right place to get started. The cost vs value for the Facebook advertising network is still amazing. Paired with the fact that Facebook has some of the most detailed and available targeting, it makes a lot of sense you are getting into learning Facebook advertising.

I recently started a crash course for the complete beginner. This course is a step by step introduction to get you setting up your first campaign and optimizing it for conversions. It will be out soon. If you can't wait grab the tip sheet below and I will update you when the course is out.
I know the basics but I want the advanced stuff
If you already have campaigns running, and trying to learn how to optimize further this is the stage for you. I am working on my first training course, The Crash Course to Facebook Ads. It will be covering the tracking pixel, campaign basic strategy setup, and audience setup, retargeting and more. 

I am working on my next course on Facebook ads, but it's not done yet. If you can't wait, check out the coaching section for one on one coaching calls for your Facebook ad campaigns.

What Some of My Clients Have to Say
"Taylor knew exactly how to get our Facebook ads performing."
Ted Joiner
President - Throwdown Industries
"When it comes to maximizing exposure with Facebook ads, Taylor is hands down the best in the business!"
Tracy Hess
Marketing - Affliction Clothing
"Taylor got our site converting traffic immediately."
Lindsey Ferguson
My Promise
I promise if you aren't happy with my work. I will ALWAYS issue a full refund. Ads don't usually work instantly. It takes time and data to optimize your campaign. Ads must be given the chance to be optimized and ran for at least 30 days before issuing a refund.
That's me and my wife, Kim.
About Me
Hi there my name is Taylor, you likely came to the site to find tips for what you can do to improve your Facebook ads. I've been working with budgets large and small to help my clients and students ad campaigns perform. I coach entrepreneurs and driven advertisers who want to learn how to convert paid traffic. I frequently help clients build out their funnels and optimize with A/ B testing. 
Done For You Services
 Looking for an expert to handle your Facebook ads for you? I work with limited companies to ensure I am delivering the best value possible.
Limited Spots Available - Apply Now To Get Added To The List
Successful business owners and entrepreneurs know they need to surround themselves with a team that can do what they cannot. Facebook ads for some people isn't worth the time investment. They have larger things to manage in running their business such as; signing new clients, converting new leads, making new join venture relationships, or most importantly - working on their product or service.

I work with limited clients each month to make sure I am always delivering top notch performing Facebook campaigns. If your budgets are low and you are just getting started it might be better to get the campaign started yourself and apply for coaching to get one on one help throughout the week. 

But... if you believe you are my dream client and want to have this done for you and sick of wasting your time on things you aren't good at and ready for a professional to come in and handle your lead generation through Facebook advertising let's get started. Pick a package below and fill out the application. If you are one of my ideal dream clients I will send you a response to schedule a project kickoff call to get started.
Ad Packages
Facebook Ad Account Setup
Getting start on Facebook advertising and don't have a business manager or account setup yet? With this package I help get your account setup, audiences built, pixel installed on your site, conversions being tracked, and get your first campaign off the ground with image design and copywriting.
Starting at $460
Facebook Ad Campaign Setup
Perfect package for those already working with me and ready to launch a new campaign around a new launch or marketing push. This package consists of strategy call session, planning and setting up campaigns, audience targeting, conversion and custom audiences, and budget breakdown. Ad image design and copywriting is not included but can be added.
Starting at $370
Monthly Facebook Ads Management
If you are a business with constantly changing campaigns, offers, product releases or content releases and want monthly management of your Facebook ads account this is the package for you. Minimum spends of $600 / month.
Starting at $470 / month
Additional Services
Design Ads
Need help with the images and creative for the campaigns? I will help you create new images for your ads that will succeed with your campaign objective.

Starting at $97 per campaign creative
Optimize Campaigns
Need help optimizing a campaign? Maybe you are worried your audience isn't setup right or the ad images and copy just isn't working. Depending on the campaign setup this may require a new campaign setup or minor fixes based off the audit.

Starting at $197
Custom Audience Setup
Want help getting your pixel and custom audiences all setup? I can help go through and build out your key audiences, make sure the pixel is on your key pages and configured correctly. 

Starting at $97
Facebook Ad Coaching
I only work with a few students per month, helping them learn strategies and work directly with their campaigns on weekly calls. 
Group Coaching
Weekly calls, and Facebook group access to answer questions throughout the day and make sure when you get stuck you get the help needed to move forward. We will review your accounts have strategic planning sessions during our calls.
$260 per month
1 on 1 Coaching
Scheduled call once a week for those with bigger ad budgets and want more coaching help to get bigger results faster. Message through chat with questions as they come up and expect to get quick responses.
$340 per month
Are you ready for your Facebook advertising skills to be taken to the next level?
I only coach those who are dedicated, friendly, and ready to learn strategies for advertising on Facebook.
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